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African American news from Pasadena - Sports - Super Bowl, athlete behavior and moreTHE SUPER BOWL HAS BECOME CHRISTMAS FOR ADULTS . . .

When I was growing up in Texas, Christmas was the most important day of the year. We enjoyed that day; we actually cherished it. We would have a decorated tree in the living room, and there would be wonderful gifts for everyone! I could look forward to getting something truly wonderful like a shirt or a pair of socks, and maybe even a pair of skates. How wonderful it was!

Then, we would have a sit down dinner for about 10 people. My mother would serve a huge turkey, with all of the trimmings. There would also be pie and cake, and lots of homemade ice cream. On Christmas Day, even in Texas, the world was a wonderful place. On the next day, all of us kids would begin to count the days until the next Christmas arrived. It was going to take forever, so we just had to wait.

I was in Northern California last weekend. To be more precise, I was in Kapernick Country. The fans love him more than you can imagine, and the whole area is a sea of red Jerseys with the number seven on them. The natives could not wait for the game against Seattle. Some of them were already making plans to attend the Super Bowl in New York City. So, this is what happened . . .


It was a great game to watch, as each of these well coached teams was determined not to lose. Colin Kapernick was the biggest star on the field, and the hopes of the 49ers lay on his broad shoulders. He played hard, and he played well, but there would be no victory for him on last Sunday.

He was on the team that could not get its running attack to work. Therefore, the whole world was on his broad shoulders and speedy legs. He tried, oh how he tried, but it was not meant to be.

African American news from Pasadena - Sports - Russell WilsonHis quiet, composed, opposing quarterback was Russell Wilson. He played the game with a minimum of mistakes. He also had plenty of help from running back Marshawn Lynch, a running machine, who gained 109 yards. Most of them, at critical times during the game. The 49ers do not dare look forward to next year, because Seattle will still be there.


Sheriff Peyton Manning almost single-handedly kept the evildoers from Massachusetts from getting to the Super Bowl. In my opinion, he has applied his intelligence, talent, discipline and leadership more effectively than any other quarterback who ever played in the NFL. John Elway allowed Manning to become the de facto, Offensive Coordinator. He runs the practices for his team, and he calls most of the plays. There has never been another player like him. He is the Denver Broncos, and they have to hope that he does not get injured, or ever have laryngitis. By the way, I picked the winners in both games. It's a gift.


Unfortunately for them, some of our greatest athletes are totally lacking in social skills. Let us all hope that their parents and friends will remind them that they are now millionaires, at least temporarily.

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