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African American news from Pasadena - Sports - Super Bowl - Rams in Los AngelesSUPER BOWL OR SUPER BUST?

The NFL is one of the most successful and powerful organizations in the entire world. They are almost embarrassed by their enormous profits, but they feel they have to do what they have to do.

They had a concern about the weather last Sunday, so they got in touch with whoever controls it. They had the snowstorm postponed until after the game was over. The storm was rescheduled, and it landed in New York about eight hours after the game was over.

The NFL can control everything except the competitiveness of the game itself. They would like to have a close game that is finally decided in the last seconds. However, they were unable to do that and for all intents and purposes, it was decided by the end of the first quarter.

The Broncos really depended on just Peyton Manning to win the game for them. Usually, he is as good as it gets. The problem is that when a quarterback is not having a good day, there is no one who can help him. In addition, remarks made by some of the winning Seahawks indicated that they had decoded Manning's hand signals, so they could determine the plays that he was going to run. So, in effect, he may have outsmarted himself.

As usual, I picked the winning team. I did think that the game would be closer, and there was the possibility that the Broncos could pull an upset. Neal is my younger brother, and he is my personal pigeon and piggy bank. He is a very smart guy, a great chess player, and he is more of a sports fan than I am. He likes to make small bets with me, and he almost always loses. However, he does not get discouraged, and he is willing to keep giving me those one dollar bills.

From the historical point of view, Russell Wilson became the second African-American quarterback to win a Super Bowl. The first was Doug Williams, who also led his team to a victory over the Broncos.


Stan Kroenke, the owner of the NFL St. Louis Rams has bought a 60-acre parking lot in Inglewood for $90 million. He notified the NFL Commissioner of the purchase. He is not required to do that if the purchase was not related to football.

Kroenke is more than just an NFL owner; he is also more than just another billionaire. He also controls a worldwide development corporation.

The other NFL owners know that he is planning to come to the Los Angeles area. The owners of the San Diego Chargers are already whining about receiving a relocation fee. Everyone has their hand out for a piece of this action, and there will be many recipients. He knows that money talks and power makes things happen. He has both, so let's get ready for some NFL football!

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