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Black news from Pasadena - Sports - Bringing Sterling downNBA PLAYER BOYCOTT WILL BRING STERLING DOWN!

Donald and Shelley Sterling will be permanently banned from the NBA. They will not be banned because they are racist, although they certainly are. They will not be banned because they are nice people because certainly they are not. They will be banned because the Players of the NBA are now willing to exercise their power to boycott all of the games.

This is something that the NBA Owners fear, and have feared for many years. During the approximately 30 years that the Sterling's have on the Clippers, they have done many things to many people, but the NBA either didn't notice, or did not care.

Where was Commissioner David Stern, when Sterling refuse to pay former coaches or players, or the previously agreed to contracts? Did the Commissioner or the other Owners demand that he respect the integrity of the NBA? No, they did not, because they really did not care. It was not going to hurt them in any way.

They do not care about whether or not he is a racist, or the audiotapes that were made by Ms. V. They are terrified of having a Boycott, one which might become quite long, and cost them millions of dollars. It would also make the Players aware of the power that they have had for some time.

Some of his fellow Owners have probably been begging him to take this opportunity to sell the Clippers. They are likely to find some ways to sweeten the deal for him. For example, they might agree to give Shelley the money that she was trying to get from Ms. V. They are likely to be very aggressive in trying to persuade the Sterling's to leave voluntarily.

Black news from Pasadena - Sports - Donald and Shelly SterlingHowever, they are two individuals who always fought hard to get their way, and will likely to continue doing so. Therefore, the present Commissioner, Adam Silver, has a problem. It is unfortunate for him that all of this happened in the first 90 days of his administration. This is kind of a gift to him from do nothing David Stern.

The NBA Players are now being led by Kevin Johnson, was also the current Mayor of Sacramento California. He is a very smart man, and he cannot be bamboozled or frightened. He has the complete support of most of the NBA Players, and all of its Superstars.

Professional Basketball has become a truly International sport. The revenues from television are higher each year, and these increases will continue for the foreseeable future. So, there will be a larger financial pie to slice up every year.

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