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African American news from Pasadena - Sports - LeBron James and moreThe Longest 19 Days in the History of Sports!

On, or about, June 24, 2014, the world of sports as we know it was forever changed. LeBron James opted out of his contract with the Miami Heat. This was a mega shock that was created by a mega star. Nothing like this had ever happened before and no one was prepared to process this kind of information.

This was not just a Sports Superstar, this was King James himself! Everyone was wondering, "What is he going to do?" There was a possibility that he would remain with the Heat. Then, many people believed that he would join the Clippers, Knicks or the Lakers and thus put himself into a major market.

James was not saying anything, and the pundits were having a feeding frenzy. Many of them pretended that they had "sources", which were giving them inside information. We now know that they did not know any more than the rest of us. However, they also knew that you cannot just go on television and say, "I don't have any idea what he is going to do."

Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles, the Sterling's were having their battle royal. He was fighting the NBA, his wife Shelley, their doctors, and anyone else who came into his legal range. Shelley was fighting Donald and his super friend, V. Stiviano (formerly known as Maria Vanessa Perez). Among other things, Shelley wanted her to return a Bentley and a condominium. Ms. V did not think that this was a good idea, and she responded by wearing a shield over face.

All of this activity almost made us forget about the World Cup, which was taking place in Brazil. The top 64 soccer teams in the world play each other every four years, with the hope that at least one of them can score a goal. They have great athletes on all of those teams, but the game is set up so that the scores are few and far between. I guess they figure that if they keep at it long enough, someone is bound to win. I picked Germany to win, because they are almost always the best at anything that they try to do. They won.

African American news from Pasadena - Sports - LeBron JamesGetting back to LeBron, he and his crew were not saying anything about what their plans were. So, everyone's guess was as good as anyone else's. The King had obviously done a lot of serious thinking and planning. Finally, on July 11, 2014, he announced that he was going to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. In a well-crafted statement, he explained that this was his home and that this is where he wanted to live.

He had left the Cav's four years earlier to go to Miami and play for the Heat. The owner of the Cav's had not been amused by his departure, so he wrote and published a scathing letter, which contained many insults for Mr. James. In addition, this letter was posted on the Team's web site until about three weeks ago. The two of them met and decided to let bygones be bygones, and James has signed a two-year contract, which will allow him to opt out after one year, if he chooses to do so. The NBA is scheduled to sign a new, lucrative contract with the television industry next year. James will then have the opportunity to renegotiate a contract with better financial rewards. You can be certain that they will give him what he wants, since no one wants to see him become a free agent again. Well played, King James

It seems to me that James showed a great deal of maturity by returning to Cleveland. That is where he really wants to be. He will be paid the money per the agreed to contract, and that is not contingent upon him and the owner liking each other. He may have also concluded that many of the other owners were just like Sterling. Therefore, he appears to have decided to not allow a grudge to keep him from reaching his goals.

James is now 29 years old. Forbes Magazine has reported that his net worth is around $270 million. He has stated that he intends to become a billionaire, before he reaches the age of 40. He has met and sought counsel from Warren Buffett, the self-made billionaire, who lives in Omaha, Nebraska. Mr. Buffett seems to have an ideal situation. He has all the benefits of being a multibillionaire, and the convenience of living in his hometown. Perhaps this observation was not lost on Mr. James.

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