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A New Trend Amongst Black Barbershops: The “Bow-Tie” Effect

When 36-year old Brian White opened his barbershop in 2008, he wanted to try something different. He didn't just want to offer haircuts like other barbershops in the area. First, he wanted to re-introduce the "bow-tie" effect to a generation that has never seen that. And, secondly, he wanted to add a new layer of customer service and convenience to treat his customers right.

White comments, "In the 1940's and 1950's, if you went into a barbershop, it was a formal experience. The barbers all dressed respectably, and the customer service you received was honorable. I wanted to bring both of those elements back to a generation who has never really seen that type of environment inside a barbershop."

"In addition," White says. "In my barbershop, no cussing or offensive music is allowed."

Many agree that White's idea was a great one, noting that most urban barbershops will allow curse words to be spoken and offensive music to be played - even in front of children. Even more, most urban barbershops lack a proper dress code that can offer a formal and professional experience to customers.

"We find," White says, "that by implementing the 'Old School' approach, we end up getting a more diverse base of customers who end up being more loyal. People are not afraid or intimidated to come inside our shop because the environment is very inviting. This, in turn, adds more revenue to our bottom line."

To add to its uniqueness, White's Barber Co. is actually one of few Black-owned barbershops that officially offers a delivery service to people who can't make it to the shop - whereas a barber is contracted to come to their home or office. They even service groups such as sports teams, boy scouts, senior communities, etc. And, the biggest announcement of all is that, in 2012, they are planning to add a mobile unit to offer haircuts on-site at local businesses and college campuses.

In a time where businesses struggle to stay afloat, White is doing exactly what most experts recommend - and that is, to keep finding creative ways to outdo your competition.

For more information about the new barbershop, visit them at White's Barber Co., 357 Main Street, East Suite, Laurel, MD 20708, call them at (301) 498-1587 or visit their Facebook fan page at: www.facebook.com/whitesbarberco.


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