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Zoe Land

By Zoe Lopez
Age: 4
Palmdale, CA

African American news from Pasadena - Youth Page - Zoe Lopez and Zoe LandMy name is Zoe. I am 4 years old and this is my world. My favorite movie right now is "Frozen". Elsa is my favorite character but I like Ana too. I like Frozen because I love the song "Fixer-upper". Olav the snowman is really funny. He once passed his head from one troll to another. That made me laugh so hard. My favorite food is chicken nuggets because they taste so good, especially with French fries. My favorite fruits are oranges and bananas.

My birthday is on Valentine's Day. My favorite part of my birthday is the balloons. I had my birthday at Chuck E. Cheese's. I got to wear my Incredibles Super Suit and play lots of games. Lots of my family was there and we had lots of fun. I really love my family and friends. That is just a little bit of my world. I will share more next time.



David's Music Box

By David LopezAfrican American news from Pasadena - Youth Page - David's Music Box review
Age: 11
Palmdale, CA

African American news from Pasadena - Youth Page - David Lopez music reviewAlbum review of: The Truth by Ledesi.

Most of this album was good. What I liked about it was that the music made me feel happy and relaxed. As an 11 year old producer myself, I appreciated the music more than the vocals but the vocals were nice too.

The first song on the album is her current single "I Blame You". I think that this song had strong flute melodies and sharp lyrics. The second song "Rock with you", is a mid tempo track that makes you feel like dancing. Track number 3 and 4 "Good Good" and "Lose Control" is for more mature listeners. Number 5 and 6 are positive tracks but of the two I like number 6 because it has more pop influences and a bit of electronic sounds. But my favorite song on the entire album is the title track "The Truth". This is my favorite song because the music, sound and vocals are on point and make me, the listener, feel calm and laid back.



Makenna & Milan's Corner

By Makenna & Milan Walker
Ages: 8 & 7
Pasadena, CA

Makenna's Statement:

"A Game of Softball"

On Saturday March 14, 2014 at Ford Park in Bell Gardens, my softball team played another team. I was upset because I left my mitt at home so I had to use a replacement mitt from our coach.

I felt very frustrated because the replacement mitt was very uncomfortable. My Mom was going to get another one from Target, but she didn't. So I had to stick with the very uncomfortable replacement one.



Hey, Auri!

The Hey Auri! Column is dedicated to answering your questions and providing helpful advice.

Hey Auri! So, there is this guy that I really like at my school . . . you can say I have a crush on him. I heard from a friend that he likes me too. I am too shy to go up to him and tell him that I like him. Everytime we see each other we just say "hi" and keep walking. I am becoming discouraged that he hasn't come up to me first and I am starting to think he doesn't actually like me like me. Maybe I should just focus on school . . . what is your advice?

Too shy and lonely

Hey, "Too Shy and Lonely",

I was once in those same shoes you are wearing. I too had a crush on a guy who everyone in my circle confirmed he liked me as well. I was also very shy, but whenever I saw him I kept my demeanor as you are doing, and continued to just say "hi".



P.R.E.T.T.Y. Pioneer Newsletter - April

African American news from Pasadena - Youth Page - Chelsea JSalutations Readers! I'm Chelsea J and welcome to the April Issue of the P.R.E.T.T.Y. Pioneer Newsletter!

April Topic: Who Are You?

Have you ever wondered what others thought of you? First impressions leave social indentations that can be hard to erase. So of course the main idea that comes to mind is to be well mannered, well dressed, and appear educated; aka in the know when meeting people for the first time. Although these are great attributes to your psyche, how do you see you? Our idea of what's in or out in this generation pales in comparison to how we should see ourselves. For instance, you wear your favorite pair of skinny jeans to match your new Doc Martens© and you feel like a part of the in crowd. Someone you know walks the halls wearing outdated sneakers and is made fun of behind their back. Do you speak up to defend them or just shrug and ignore the jeers? Again, you're thrown into a "what would you do" moment with an epic FAIL. Because it is all about acceptance; right, not just with others but with ourselves.



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