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A New Year, A New You?

Happy New Year!
We hope everyone enjoyed the Holidays.

Now that it is a new year and you have, presumably, set your resolution, now what? Resolutions are great for getting back on track after feeling not so motivated to get things done towards the end of the year. They are also great for setting new goals and making changes to your lifestyle.

While you may have a list of New Year's resolutions and your adopted motto is now, "A new year, a new you", please, slow down!

The tricky thing with having a resolution is that they can easily be abandoned, especially when overwhelmed by a list of them.

Here are some things I recommend:

Be plausible!

  • Being realistic is very important. Without being realistic you may become overwhelmed, you will drop your resolution(s) and there will be no "New You."

Grab a partner!

  • Making resolutions that family and friends can be apart of can be great motivation. Whether it's a workout buddy, healthy eating partner, or spiritual coach. Most importantly, someone who is willing to keep you in check, and stay to the very end.
  • Motivate each other!

Take baby steps.

  • Maybe you have a large goal you want to reach in a few months or years (be realistic). So set smaller goals that will lead to big one!

Happy New Year to all!
And get excited about the New You!




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