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I was enjoying reading Cameron Turner's column (Pasadena Journal March 5-11 issue) until I came to his "beef". It seems Mr. Turner is offended by a cartoon depicting a chimpanzee that was published in the Washington Post. In Mr. Turner's PC world, any cartoon with a chimpanzee, ape or monkey is an affront to African Americans. Why the sensitivity about this? Does Mr. Turner secretly think African Americans look like primates? No, I'm sure he doesn't.

If a Panda Bear had recently mauled someone and was depicted in a similar cartoon, would Chinese people be offended? Or a Kangaroo. Would Australians be offended? To paraphrase Sigmund Freud, 'sometimes a chimpanzee is just a chimpanzee'!

Mr. Turner goes on to bash Rupert Murdoch and Fox News saying that it's "conservative and frequently race -baiting" Nothing could be further from the truth. I dare Mr. Turner to provide any examples of 'race-baiting' on Fox News.Fox News

On Fox, I see Jews, Muslims, Democrats, Republicans, Blacks, Whites, Communists, Right Wingers, Left Wingers, you name it - all on a daily basis. No other news channel currently seems to present such diversity of opinion. But in a PC propaganda driven world, if you repeat a faulty perception often enough, it becomes the 'truth'. Mr Turner should use his excellent writing talents to uplift, amuse and inform the readers, rather than stooping to inflame racial stereotypes and whine about possible underlying and sinister motives depicted in cartoons. Get a grip, man!

And props to your Mom for raising you proper!

is the only news channel that presents all points of view, including some I don't agree with. And because of this, I become more informed.

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