The Other Side of the Eddie Long Story

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - other side of Eddie LongWhen the news hit that one man named Eddie Long had sexually abused some male members of the church that he pastors, the world sat up, listened, and talked about it. We talked about it because we all have notions about what pastor's do, or should do. What we do not talk about is did he do God's will for God's people before he fell back on the old human habit of doing his own will of the flesh?

Most of us fell into the trap of talking about Eddie Long without giving credit to the work that he and the members have done. It is my understanding that the New Birth Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia is home to schools, health clinics, a book store, and a number of businesses that employ the members of the church and serve the community. As we ponder the story of Eddie Long, we should not forget that it is important foremost to save the institution. Whether the man Eddie Long will be saved is between him and his God.



Gloria Allred Needs to Apologize

African American news from Pasadena - Editorial - Gloria Allred asked to apologizeOn December 1, 1955 Rosa Parks, a quiet seamstress in Montgomery, Alabama refused to give up her seat on a public bus to a White man who felt entitled because he was White and she was Black. Parks was arrested, taken to jail. Parks was tried, found guilty, and fined. When asked why she didn't get up and give the white man the seat she said, " It was a matter of dignity. I could not have faced myself and my people if I had moved."

Civil Rights Attorney Gloria Allred is the latest non-African American to invoke the name of Rosa Parks and, by implication, the Civil Rights movement for their own beneficial purposes. I am (and Black folks that I talk to are) sick and tired of being used and insulted by those who adapt and sometimes hi-jack the Civil Rights movement and its giants and martyrs to get what they want. Gays and lesbians say their movement is like ours; Latinos say the immigration movement is like ours. The gays and lesbians don't go to jail for just being who they are, and those who are in America illegally are simply given transportation back to their homeland. Neither group had to go to jail, or pay a fine, or go to trial for being who they are. While some illegal immigrants and gays and lesbians are tortured by those who don't like them, there is no government policy that says the authorities are legally empowered to punish them because they are who they are.



Vote Republican, Suffer More. Vote Democratic for Jobs, Justice and Education.

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - how your vote mattersI turned on CSPAN Saturday morning and saw Republican California Congressman Darryl Issa talking about cutting employees at the U.S. Post Office. They keep talking about the size of government being too big. That means your jobs. The Issa statement echoes statements made by people like Meg Whitman who is talking about getting rid of welfare and firing thousands of government employees in California. So when they get through firing all of the government employees, how are they going to force small independent businesses to create new jobs?

The Republicans hate unions who work to make sure that employees get fair pay for a good days work. The Republican Party has raised the price of an education and then took away the money to hire teachers so our kids can't get an education. We have teachers and nurses who can't find a job, and yet Republicans and the Tea Party are talking about reducing the money for education even more.



Lessons From the Life of Bishop Eddie Long

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - lessons from Bishop Eddie LongI have heard Bishop Eddie Long preach. I don't remember the message. But the message he lives is loud and clear. I have never heard Reverend Henry Lyons preach but I know his message from the life he lived. Lyons was the President of the National Baptist Convention in 1996, when the facts of his womanizing and taking of the money from his congregation for personal wealth came out. The lifestyle of promoting personal prosperity at all costs symbolized his message more than the message of the biblical love, service, and justice. In the case of Bishop Long it was the wealth and the hypocrisy of his attitude toward homosexuality and his own sexual proclivities that serve as his message.

Whether you are looking at ministers with national or local notoriety and you see money and greed or sex as their primary message, you are looking at an explosion waiting to happen. As my old law school Dean used to say, "When the contest is between love and greed, greed usually wins." He's now gone but the message lives on.



Prepare to Vote in November or Prepare to Lose What We Have Gained

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - why vote in NovemberThe Friday, September 17, 2010 Wall Street Journal reported that the great recession of the Bush years has cut family income down to making it the worst economy in America in over fifty years. We all know the job market is bad. We know that this country, and indeed the state of California which prided itself on free education, is on the rocks. The education and economic system has garnered a huge middle class of all races despite racism and discrimination. But now the Tea Party and the selfish Republican millionaires and billionaires are promising to turn the clock back.

One Tea Partier says we need to get rid of the Federal Department of Education. All of the Republicans say we need to cut taxes on the rich and increase the burden on those of us who earn less in order to improve the economy. When Ronald Regan started to talk about a theory that said if you cut the taxes on the rich they would take their profits and create more jobs in a trickle down theory, it was Republican George Bush senior that called it VOODO economics. Bush was right. When Bill Clinton sought to satisfy the Republicans by helping to promote what was called NAFTA and CAFTA, a billionaire Republican named Ross Perot said the great sucking sound that we heard was American jobs being outsourced and going overseas. He was right.



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