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Obama, What Manner of Man?

Black news - Commentary on Obama - What Manner of ManNow that the midterm elections are over everybody is talking about what the Democrats did wrong or what the Republicans and the Tea Party did right. And more than anything people are talking about what President Obama did wrong. At tables around the country people are serving up big helpings of roasted Obama with a side of fried Pelosi. These same people just a few months ago were praising the genius of this President as the antidote for the poison George Bush dishes served by Republican chefs that almost killed us all.

The fact is that like any goal, whether it is a ball game with two halves, a long distance race, a long term marriage, or just a life lived, there will be moments of ups and downs. Black Christians have a song written by one Reverend Paul Jones entitled. "I Won't Complain." As Black folks in America especially those of us over the age of sixty we have watched and we have experienced a lot of pain heaped on us because of the color of our skin. Sometimes we handled it with marches, we handled it with prayer, or Voodoo, and sometimes we handled it with trying to get even. We even shouted as we watched the epic movie Roots and learned of the inhumane treatment of our ancestors in slavery. We shared a smile and a "you go girl" as we watched the slave character, played by Leslie Uggams, spit in the rude white woman's glass of water in a revengeful eye for an eye moment.

Some African Americans have even used the Muhammad Ali Rope a Dope tactic in order to survive. Far too many of us have internalized the frustration and taken it out on ourselves or our loved ones in abusive ways. But in the end we have survived and as angry as we may get at President Barack Obama for a particular moment we need to believe that his hand is in God's hand and we will get through moments of defeat. Remember in this election, this defeat was just at half-time but we ended up ahead in that those of us who elected the democrat for President still have the President and we hold the Senate. It's merely halftime. The score is one for them and two for us. It's not quitting time or giving up time. Stand with our President. Advise him. Give him constructive criticism, but don't make him the main course in a destructive meal that could lead us back to eating the poison from the Bushes.

My father used to remind us that in the face of a big opponent remember the bigger they are, the harder they fall. You just keep fighting. The race haters are big with their corporate dollars behind them propping them up. They are big with their television stations like Fox Television backing them up and promoting their lies about our President. Daddy would say, "When there is a big family of haters or enemies to conquer remember the bigger the family the bigger the funeral, you just keep on fighting."

I am a believer and a living witness to the theory that you keep on keeping on and never give up as long as your goal is righteous. I have been married for over forty years and my wife and I haven't always agreed on everything the other one does but divorce is not an option when we can work it out. I failed the bar examination a number of times, but in the end I was victorious and I believe that when I win, my family wins. When President Obama wins we all win. The haters are everywhere and they are on their jobs, hating. The haters remind me of a sermon by Reverend Jeremiah A. Wright who reminds us that the Devil is everywhere.

Wright says that the Devil is everywhere, even in the church because he catches a ride with some of us. Whether we drive our BMW or Mercedes or get on the bus to church, the haters bring the devil right along with them. Likewise, the Obama haters are everywhere. But don't let them influence you with their lies. Resist. The fact that the devil comes to church doesn't mean that he will win. And the fact that there are Obama haters everywhere doesn't mean that they will win. Let us run on and see what the end will be.

The mere existence of Barack Obama is an unexpected Blessing for a praying people. There are people out there who want to deny that there is a Black man in the White House. In San Marino, California one teacher has a picture on the wall with the Presidents on it. At the spot where President Obama picture should be is blank space. At school districts across the country racist educators are not allowing the history books to point out the accomplishments of African Americans. Some are simply re-writing the history books to keep us out.

The danger we face in this chapter of our history is to join the naysayers and negative critics about the Obama presidency. We have waited on him too long to turn our backs on him now because of a few things that we disagree with him about. Let the world know that he is the greatest President we have had so far. Don't forget that there are hate filled Americans who killed Abraham Lincoln for fighting slavery, they killed John Kennedy for progressive racial policies and, the haters and racists killed Dr. King and they killed Medgar Evers. They criticized President Lyndon Johnson for his Civil Rights Bill and for his war stopping policies. They hated President Franklin Delano Roosevelt for his Social Security and Medicare policies, and yet history records these people as the greatest Americans ever. And when history is written about President Barack Obama it will tell that the reason he was hated was that he was the greatest President of all.

So start telling your children that today. "Barack Obama, the first Black President and the greatest President of all." Remember, you don't have to be perfect to be the greatest.

In the end the answer to the question what manner of man is Barack Obama is that he is Barack Hussein Obama, God's man for such a time as this!


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