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Highway Robbery Continues in Altadena,
Sheriffs Give Resident a Ticket for Having a
Cross Hanging on her Rear View Mirror

As the stories of what appears to be a war on the Black community continue to come in, this one is a reminder of when Blacks were victims of southern racist cops. A long-time Black resident of Altadenan was coming home when she saw a Sheriff appearing to be following her. There were no lights to pull over, so the single mother drove on home, carefully as she had done a thousand times. When she got to her driveway and turned in, Sheriff’s Deputy Rodriguez turned the lights on and got out approaching her car which was now in her driveway. She was given a ticket for having a tiny Christian Cross hanging on her rear view mirror.

When the lady, a nurse and former probation officer and who works in a tough neighborhood of Los Angeles, asked the offi cer what he was stopping her for, he told her that the sticker on her license plate was missing. She explained that it had been stolen at her job and she had the replacement in her purse and had just forgotten to put it on. She started to get out of the car saying she would put it on now.

The officer told her to not get out and he cited her for not having the sticker. The officer then cited her for her failure to make a right hand signal when she turned into her driveway. She noted that there were no other cars around when she turned into the driveway. The officer then said the light over her license plate was not on and gave her another violation. And then Deputy Rodriguez Sacrifice of Jesus Christnoticed the tiny cross of the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ hanging on her rear view mirror and cited her for having it hanging in the window, implying that it obstructed her view.

This mother of two young children told me that before that incident was over there were three Altadena Sheriff’s cars at the scene. First she was victimized by the thieves that took the sticker off her car, for the second time this year. Now she was victimized by the police.

As a side note, shortly after this event, it was widely publicized that a police officer in El Monte was videotaped kicking an alleged gang member in the head as he lay on the ground following a car chase. What was more frightening was the discovery that the same police offi cer had an online retail business selling gang attire to gang members.

Sacrifice of Jesus Christ

There are other stories by those who have come to me about the Altadena Sheriff. Their “attacks” continue. Most people say something needs to be done. Tickets are costly and they pull money out of our pockets and out of our community. If we are paying tickets for stupid stuff like having crosses hanging in the window, we can’t buy necessities we need or even contribute to charities to help our community.

This is a call for community leaders, organizations, ministers and churches to talk to Supervisor Antonovich, Sheriff Baca, Captain Blow, and anybody who can help. If we can fi ght the gangs on one side, we need to put a stop to the terrorizing of Black Altadenans by cops who probably don’t even live in our community but serve as occupying forces at war with our community.