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The Challenge of Freedom for All vs. Freedom for the Rich

If You Don't Vote in November You May Be Giving Back Your Birthright to America as a Christmas Gift to Republicans in December

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - Freedom for all vs freedom for richOne news commentator said we may all wake up on the morning after the November 2012 election and see it was purchased by seventeen rich old white men. That's similar to my daddy teaching me that there are some white folks who don't sleep at night trying to figure out new ways to keep Black folks down. If the November purchase is successful, it will be the second time America was a great Christmas gift to rich old white men. The indigenous people, or Indians, can tell you about the first time. It was purchased by gunpowder in 1776. This time it will be by purchased ballot boxes.

Ever since our African ancestors arrived on these shores in 1619, the methods have been endless. There was slavery. There was Jim Crow. There was discrimination. There was separate and unequal. There was segregation. There were hangings, lynching, and rapes; Court rulings that said there are no rights that a Black man has that a white man should honor. They took the right to vote, the right to own land, the right to marry, the right to call ourselves Kunte, and any other African name. And now the rich white men are considering electing a white man whose religion, up until 1979, didn't allow us to worship the same God as he worshipped. It's not that we want to become Mormons, but what is next? We have not forgotten that the Southern Baptists were the ones who called on Supreme Courts, Bull Connor, and George Wallace to keep us in our places.

We should not forget that recent scams include some state courts who made deals with juvenile court judges that they would pay them to send young, primarily Black youth, to their juvenile prisons so they could make a profit. In Florida, today, court appointed Attorneys are being forced to accept cases for as little as five to ten dollars per hour instead of the one to three hundred per hour other Lawyers earn. We should be careful to not buy into the privatization fad of today including Charter Schools. The Charter Schools tragedy essentially says we know the schools are lousy in Black neighborhoods. So let us offer an opportunity to lift a tiny percentage out so they can learn and be the tokens pointed to as exceptions to the perception that Blacks are not as bright as others.

A mathematical demonstration might look like this. Take a school District with 20,000 students and create four charter Schools for 1,000, making it look like the decision makers care and the schools are special. That still leaves 19,000 at risk in the underfunded schools with policies like social promotion and too much focus on testing. That still leaves 19,000 black bodies to fill the jails and prisons so the private contractors who provide the prison food, prison health care and shelter, can make a profit.

The closing of the Post Offices will destroy hundreds and thousands of jobs in the Federal agency that was the first to hire Blacks after slavery. Other than the Post Office, no other enterprise was created in the Constitution. Now those who claim to love the Constitution want to get rid of it and privatize it so their greedy cronies can make a profit.

Romney understands this very well; that's what he does to make a profit for private companies, even if he has to shift American jobs overseas. Sheldon Adel son, the Casino owner who has vowed to donate billions of dollars to get Romney in and keep the Black President out, understands it. The five white man majority on the Supreme Court understand it and they keep making rulings to keep the rich in control like the Citizens United ruling that allowed unlimited funding by political parties and their owners. Yes, I know there is Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court, but he is not a real Black man. He is more of a Scalia pet, and, like a four legged pet, he sits, he speaks, and he rolls over only when massa says it's okay!

The election of former Mormon Bishop, Willard Mitt Romney, could mark the ongoing dismantling of rights for Americans who are not on the list approved by the seventeen white men who are negotiating to buy America. Let us not forget the expansion of police powers and powers of white citizens like George Zimmerman to kill Blacks with impunity.

If you don't vote for the right person in November, you could be looking at the end of many of your rights this December. America will be a great Christmas gift to the friends of the rich who buy it. I say send money to the Obama campaign to help keep America the land of opportunity for many, not just the rich.


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