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Barack Obama’s Loyal Enemies are Our Enemies

And they are on Their Job

"Conservatives are working hard to try to get Obama out of office.
I think that this President has our backs. We need to let the conservative politicians know that we have his."

I watched as NBC Commentator Pat Buchannan went into a rant about Judge Sotomayor not being qualified for the Supreme Court because she was a product of Affirmative Action. He went on to say that white men had done everything significant in America. He said they had fought the Revolutionary war, wrote the Declaration of Independence, wrote the Constitution, and done everything else of significance, therefore, it was OK that historically it was right that almost all of the Judges on the Supreme Court in the past had been white men, and it was Ok that the Senate is filled with white men. He stated in effect that the only reason Blacks and other so-called minorities had risen to any heights in America was because of Affirmative Action. When the host of the show, Rachel Maddow, said, "So what. Once the so-called minorities had been provided an opportunity to go to the best schools and compete for the best jobs, they had performed well." Buchannan just went on to imply that Blacks do well in things like run track and play sports, but when it comes to something like being a judge, fireman or policeman, white men are better. Therefore, if there is a written test written by white men and those who pass it are all white, then that's OK.

This rant is probably one of the parting shots and a signal for those who want to turn the clock back on all the Civil Rights accomplishments made since the fifties and sixties. This rant is also the script for those who are the enemies of President Barack Obama who just can't get used to the idea of a Black man sitting in the seat of power of the richest and most powerful country in the world. They feel it's Ok as long as the President is white even if he is seen as dumb as the last President was seen by the world. As we watch the attacks on everything that Obama does to try and clean up the mess that his predecessor left to this country I can't help but think about who these enemies are.

These enemies are the ones who call themselves conservatives. By definition conservatives want to conserve the world as it is with white men on the top, and Blacks and everybody else on the bottom. If this was 1619 they would be the ones who traveled to Africa to enslave Blacks. They are the ones who, since slavery is no longer a source of cheap labor, hire Mexicans as cheap labor and then denigrate the Mexicans. The same thing was done to women in the workplace. They were brought in as cheaper labor than men until they stood up for themselves, even taking part in Affirmative Action programs.

These conservatives who are addicted to anything cheap are the ones who want to control (1) the economy. They desire to keep insurance premiums high to line the pockets of their corporate bosses. At the same time they reject the benefits of health insurance that pay the premiums. They openly have stated that they want to see this President fail, as stated by Rush Limbaugh. (2) They want to control religion and the church, in spite of the Constitutional separation of church and state. But they want to control it through people like southern racists ministers like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. (3) They want to control government to keep it conservative so they can call a war and send our kids, not theirs to die in an Iraq, destroy the economy by giving contracts to their buddies at companies like Haliburton, AIG insurance and Brokerage firms like Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs is just one of the corporate giants who gambled with investor's money and got a government bailout from the Bush administration and now blame it on the Black guy named Obama. (4) They want to control education with programs that keep the poor in schools that don't educate. (5) They control the media and create propaganda like Obama is a socialist and not an American citizen.

(6) They want to control arts and entertainment by promoting negative music and make us think that it is art to call Black women Bi---es and who-s and call Black folks N-----s. As a note they also want to control art so we forget door opening pioneers like Nat Cole, Duke Ellington, Sarah Vaughn, and Mr. (Black and Proud) James Brown. Instead, they want to say that Michael Jackson was not just great but the greatest. I have no further comment on that except to ask, if Michael really believed that it didn't matter if you're White or Black where are his Black kids? And if that is true, I'm just saying, Really?

(7) They want to control our businesses by denying loans, access to capital and contracts to those who they call minorities. (8) They want to tell us how to control our family life while they abandon and embarrass theirs having as many affairs in Argentina, New York, and whereever else, while telling us that Clinton needed to be impeached. Can you say "hypocrite." When Clinton had an affair they tried to bury him and tried to impeach him, yet when conservative Senator Jeff Sessions of Nevada had an affair, and conservative Governor Sanford of South Carolina had an affair, and Governor Sarah Palin's daughter had a baby out of wedlock, these things were OK. And yet they want to control our lives to maintain the status quo of them being on top and the rest of us on the bottom.

Conservatives want to intervene and control all aspects of the lives of the citizens. We need to maintain control of our own lives as best we can and do as Obama says when he says that we must control our own destiny. We do this by having a plan to handle our lives in all of the above areas.

They are working hard to try to get him out of office. I think that this President has our backs. We need to let the conservative politicians know that we have his with letters to your Congresspersons who are against what he is trying to do, and let's begin to develop support for his re-election. NOW!


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