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Republicans Working to Defeat Universal Health Care for Americans

The Conservative Republicans never cease to amaze me in their ways to maintain the status quo, with them on top of the economic ladder, and the rest of us on the bottom.

The latest tricks being used to stop Democratic Party efforts to get a Universal Health Care Program are unbelievable. And some of the advertisements being paid for by the health care insurance and private hospital industries are unbelievable. But when you stop to think about these are the same industries that stand to gain, it is easier to understand.

The health insurance and private hospital industries are running advertisements that say if health care is reformed, it will be designed to create more abortions. On the other end, they say health care reform will help kill the elderly to keep down health care costs. Outrageous! Other commentators have said that it is designed to pay reparations to Blacks in America. It is all surreal that Americans are being sold these insane ideas by politicians who get their money from donations from the Insurance industry.

They want us to believe that you will not be able to choose a competent doctor or get services when they are needed and that whether you need care will be determined by the government.

The politicians tell us that the worst thing in the world would be to have a government run health care system. At the same time the Veterans, the Congressmen, the Senators, and the President of the United States all have health care from government health care programs. Let that sink in for a moment... The health care that your Congressperson gets is Government run. They aren't running out to cancel the government run health care system to buy more expensive health care.

And what about Medicare and Social Security programs? Imagine what America would be if the elderly did not have Medicare and if they did not have government run social security programs? If the government is so bad at running these programs why do we trust them with these programs like Social Security and others to take care of us as a safety net for our old age? Who are you going to trust? The insurance companies, like AIG who take nearly 25% of what you pay in to benefit the corporate executives and stock holders, put the policy holders at the end of the line.

We already trusted them and the American economy is suffering for it today! Just like we trusted the banks and real estate brokerage houses and realtors who took advantage of those who trusted them. There are two possible scenarios for the Universal Health Care programs to go forward.

(1) There is the government option which gives every citizen an option to buy the government sponsored insurance plan or stick with your expensive Blue Cross, Blue Shield, or whoever if you choose, and
(2) There is a single payer plan where each citizen has insurance taken out of taxes and health care is available to every citizen who needs it just like Social Security is a single payer program. This is probably the best idea. However, Republicans are especially afraid of this because it cuts into the profits of their precious insurance and private health care companies who dispense health care based on the profit margin rather than need.

As a note: there are Republicans and there are the so called Blue-Dog Democrats who vote with the Republicans to defeat the Universal Health Care bill of President Obama and the Democrats. Blue Dogs are Democrats who represent conservative political districts and they believe they can't get re-elected if they vote with the Democrats on many policies. There are seven of them.

I suggest that you find out who they are and write your Congressperson (locally, Senators Feinstein and Boxer) and tell them simply that you are for Health Care Reform and you expect them to vote for it and, further, that you primarily support single payer health care.

Below is a sample letter for you and your family and friends who are in California and other states to send to your Congresspersons. The Republicans have stated that if they can defeat the Health Care Bill they can get rid of President Barack Obama. They say it is his waterloo we all helped to get him in now let us work to keep him in.

Sample Letter:


I am a voter in your district and I support Universal Health Care. I support as my first choice a single payer program. As an option, I support a government option program that gives me the option of buying a government sponsored and run health care program.

If Universal Health Care is good enough for our military and our political leaders, it is good enough for me.
I am watching to see how you vote because it will determine how I will vote in the next election.

[Your address]