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Trouble Don't Last Always, Unless You Do Nothing!

African American news from Pasadena - Editorial - Republican Party voter scamThe world has been watching as America's Republican Party is working overtime to keep African Americans and others including the poor and disadvantaged from voting in the upcoming Presidential and Congressional elections. Then the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), Legal Defense Fund and other organizations with legal teams did something. They filed lawsuits based on evidence they discovered to stop the attack on citizens' right to vote.

Eventually, a few of the courts in states like Texas, Florida and Pennslyvania ruled that the voter restriction laws were unconstitutional and had to stop. And then, as if the hand of God laying back waiting for the right moment to step in, something amazing happened. On October 1, 2012 the Republicans fired the firm they had hired to register voters, by hook or by crook.

One incident in particular made a major difference. On television, a young lady who had been hired by the Republicans admitted that she was hired by the Republicans to register Republican voters. She pretended to be a county government employee who could only register Republicans. Somebody did something. They caught her on, what we old timers call, tape. In fact, they recorded her on their cell phone and turned it over to someone who got it on television.

Because other people had complained that their registration efforts had been thwarted, their complaints were put together with the evidence on the cell phone video. The Republicans announced that they had fired the company that was doing the voter cheating on their behalf, and they ceased doing business, as of October 1, 2012.

To the fact of the firing, I say, "Hallelujah". But I say this with caution, as we must keep watch because the Republicans are never out of dirty tricks; especially tricks to keep power out of the hands of people they don't control. Be on guard because they will likely try to block the vote by intimidation and demands for voter's ID, eventhough they are not required. However, they will keep on trying in the future.

This past week my wife and I travelled to Atlanta to visit our youngest son and his wife and our grandchildren. Of course, we got a chance to wish a Happy Birthday to grandson Joshua as he becomes a teenager. Reflecting their lives, I note something. They have followed a pattern set by my wife and I and are doing something.

They got married, had babies, and helped each other get through college.

Both now have college degrees and are raising their family. They have their struggles, disagreements, agreements and they are doing something: staying together, preparing their children for the future. They, like all families have their troubles. But, because they were raised in the tradition of Bible believing Christians they know that trouble don't last always, but they have to keep believing and keep doing something, like working together.

Show me the family that has had no problems that they didn't work at and I will show you a dysfunctional family which is probably a divorced one. Show me a business, a church, a social organization or individual that has had no problems and I will show you a business, church, social organization or individual that is not telling you the truth.

Think about it. The world is full of trouble and problems, but there are people who get trained and prepare to solve problems. Without the problems in health we would need no doctors. Without legal problems there would be no need for lawyers, juries or judges. Teachers solve the problem of ignorance and illiteracy and help others to prepare to solve a myriad of problems.

The question for each of us is which problems are you preparing to solve? One big one is to get to the polls and vote on November 6th!



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