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Don’t Be Stupid Enough to Believe Everything You Hear!

African American news from Pasadena - Editorial - double standards in politics believing what you hear2012 has been a year for the history books and, for me, a year of learning about people who never cease to amaze me. The most amazing thing is that I can't believe how stupid so many people can be by believing almost everything they hear.

The mass number of Americans who listened to the Tea Party believed that President Obama would actually implement legislation to take people's guns away from them and that the affordable health care bill (known as Obama Care) was something that will destroy America. If they read it, they will discover that it will make health care more affordable for them and all Americans. It's in the title (stupid) i.e., Affordable Health Care. It's kind of like the title of a game called, basketball which describes a basket and a ball. That's simple enough.

I am amazed at American businessmen who think they can add a racial or color tax and people will buy into it. The color tax was proposed by the owners of Denney's and Domino Pizza. They told people that if a Black man (Obama) wins and becomes President for a second term, they will have to charge more. Did they think that type of racism would help their business? Who do they think is buying their products anyway? VOTERS are buying their products and will stop if they promote racism with a color tax.

It's interesting to see the life of President Lincoln come to the screen at the time Barack Obama was re-elected. What's more interesting is that some of the same racist ideas, like white supremacy that caused the Civil War, are still being promoted over one hundred years later.

The double standard made a new appearance in the recent Presidential election. The double standard goes something like this. Mitt Romney can lie about welfare and about the economy, like saying that Jeeps will be made in China, and it's OK for some people like Senator John McCain who can hear a United States Ambassador like Susan Rice say she was giving an authorized statement of truth about an incident in Libya, but because he doesn't like her, he calls her a liar and says she's not qualified to be nominated as Secretary of State. However, he has a double standard when it comes to a Black female predecessor, Condelezza Rice, a Republican, who lied America into a war that left over four thousand Americans dead. McCain doesn't want to talk about that. The double standard works here because Condelezza Rice, like Justice Clarence Thomas, was a loyal, non-independent Republican.

These same Republicans tried to dog former Secretary of State Colin Powell when he first supported candidate Barack Obama for President four years ago and then again when he supported President Barack Obama for re-election. The Republicans said Powell supported Obama because he was Black. Well, a lot of whites supported Romney, apparently, because he is white. They fed their children the mythical bird, called Jim Crow, saying, for example, though they were evangelicals and Romney was a Mormon, at least he was not Black.

Before I go any further, I supported Barack Obama because he was Black, and brilliant, and supported democratic policies that helped Black folks and poor and middle class folks.

Being Black was just for bonus points. I supported him because now I can tell my grandchildren that if they study hard and try hard to stay out of trouble, the doors of opportunity will open and they must prepare themselves to enter.

I encourage everyone to learn your history. Don't believe everything you hear. Learn to think for yourself, and please, please don't be stupid.


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