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2013 - What Will Be - I Wish!

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - 2013 forecast - progress and sacrificeLast week, I wrote about the past and what will be, in terms of political activity in Pasadena. So when I was reminded that I was to write a forecast, I realized I had been there, done that. What's left is what I wish could be. So my wish is in a word: progress. I will tell you how I came up with my wish list.

At my age, I find myself visiting the doctor, no, not for social reasons, but because the little problems that I have with healthy like a simple cold now lasts longer and won't go away with a bit of Robitussin, a lemon stew, and some honey. As a born and bred Pentecostal, I skip the whiskey. But that's a matter of choice. Back at the Doctor's office, actually the clinic, I found a lot of jobs being filled, and to tell the natural truth, the jobs were filled by Asians, Filipinos' and Latinos. Naturally, I would like to see more people that look like me, Black that is. After all, since I have children, my wish for more Blacks is based not on any racist notions but on the need for jobs for my children and grandchildren.

The problem is that Black parents need to take the bull by the horn and get their children in schools to train them, no matter what the cost. Reward comes with sacrifice. I left the clinic and went to say hello to my friend Bea Martin, an African American who owns one of the few privately-owned health careers school in the San Gabriel Valley. Bea's school, Integrity College of Health, made it clear that Asian and Latino families are making the sacrifice to send their young to school. Ours seem to be on waiting lists, or hop lists, or vying for a few publicly operated charter schools. Hope lists, wish lists and prayer without effort and tuition money won't work. If' you're smart, you'll get your family money together and call Miss Bea at Integrity (626-808-0215), or call another training school (Beauty or Barber, perhaps?). It will change your child's life. No training, no work.

In the good old days there were grants, and budgets that included money for education for the disadvantaged, but now the good times are GONE. They are gone because everybody is disadvantaged, and the Tea Party doesn't think anybody should get a break on schooling. There is no 1960's or 1970's type anti- poverty program. There's only a pro-poverty program to keep those with no training or skills in poverty.

I tell my family, "Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do." In other words, sacrifice pays. To illustrate what I am talking about, I will repeat portions of what I wrote last year for this year's (2012) forecast. I submit it here, again, as a recipe for progress:

Vow in 2013 to teach your kid he/she is a SUPA Kid. To be a SUPA kid you have to show up and do something. It's like the biblical parable of the blind man who Jesus made to see. Jesus made mud with spit mixed with dirt to make the man see. As distasteful as it sounds, spitting on the ground and putting the spitball on the man's eyes, was a small price to pay for being able to see.

My journey of 17 years to get through Law School at night, and passing the Bar Exam after numerous failures was a small price to pay for the achievement. How many people would still be blind telling Jesus, "I don't want spit on my eyes?"

How many would be stuck at reaching their goal because someone said something discouraging to them? If you are a parent still stuck at the point of saying, "I can't". Don't inflict that disease on your kids. Tell them they can be anything if they will be a SUPA kid.

Show up, search for, and find the keys to success, and share them with the next generation. You will see your whole family structure and status change for the better and poverty can be a thing of your past. I suggest you try the process. Begin it for 2013!


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