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Vote Tuesday, November Third!

In Area 1, Steven Gibson and incumbent Geoffrey Baum are running.  
In Area 3, Berlinda Brown and incumbent Connie Rey Castro are running.

On November 3, 2009, there is an Election for the Pasadena Community College Board of Trustees. For as long as I can remember people gage what and who they support based on what is in their best interest. In the up-coming election, there appears to be three seats up for grabs. What is more important is that the future of our community is up for grabs.

We tell our young people to get an education. Then we presume that these same children will on their own make the right decisions in whether to go to school and where to go to school.  Next, we vote for school trustees to make the right decisions for our children. There are a few problems with making assumptions.  That is, they can be wrong and our children pay the price, meaning also that our community pays the price. There are two seats that we as Black folks get to vote for that affect the Black community in the upcoming race.

In Area 1, Steven Gibson and incumbent Geoffrey Baum are running.  In Area 3, Berlinda Brown and incumbent Connie Rey Castro are running.

The most exciting thing about this race that should make you want to vote is that there are two African Americans running for these two seats,  and their entry into the race represents a time for a change. I note that both of the candidates in Area 1 race have recognized the Black community by running advertisements in this newspaper.  This shows that they consider our votes important.
In Area 3, only Berlinda Brown ran advertisements, indicating that she wants to serve the African American community. The other candidate has, in my opinion, chosen to ignore the Black community and seemingly have taken us for granted by not running advertisements in our paper. I note that that same candidate, Castro is one who, as I understand it, advocated for and voted to hire the past president of PCC, Paulette Profumo. Ms. Profumo was weak and was an apparent disaster for the College, and let go.

Ms. Castro was also a Board member when Profumo was chosen. She participated in the hiring while denying the only African American Vice President, Dr. Jackie Jacobs, even a chance for an interview that counted. As a consequence, the college reduced the already skimpy number of African American students at PCC. 

Again, using this paper as a gauge for participation in the Black community, the present PCC staff does advertise once or twice a year, and recently taking ads for Town Hall Meetings for 2009 elections. However, largely choosing to ignore us in their advertisements the rest of the year, except for free announcements, it in my estimate don't count when it's time to spend taxpayer money.

If re-elected, will Reyes again vote to ignore the most talented candidate, Dr. Jacobs, to lead the College?  I guess the hand writing is already on the wall.  The Board voted to give the interim Presidency to Ms. Lisa Sugimoto, eventhough Dr. Jacobs was the senior administrator. 

The job now is up to the community to either stay home and help re-elect the candidates that ignored them and their children, or vote on November 3rd for change and hold the feet of whoever is hired to the fire.



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