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Easter Reminds Us That Through the Storm There’s Strength From Above

African American news from Pasadena - Editorial - Easter from a Black perspectiveIn Haiti the music continues to fill the air with sounds of celebration and hope. A chocolate colored boy flirts with a pretty brown skinned girl amidst the rubble of the earthquake. She's still beautiful.

In America, African Americans shout that a President named Barack proves that "he, indeed, is the one" as he delivers the health care bill over the power and purchase of the Republican Party by the powerful Insurance Industry. He's still standing tall and still beautiful.  I can imagine someone somewhere is saying he won because the Bible says, "If God be with you who (in the whole world) can be against you." In my ear, I hear an old Saint sings to herself the spiritual tribute, "I shall not, I shall not be moved." Barack won't be moved.

Others speak aloud saying that they know that he was sent by God. These are the words that have given Black folks strength to keep on moving forward down through the years, in spite of the storms of life. This is change in 2/4 rhythm.

This is like Harriet Tubman conducting the Underground Railroad, like Jackie Robinson on the baseball field, like Mae Jemison in the space program, like and a million Black folks who have survived and thrived in spite of the loud voices saying, "Hell no you can't." We prove daily that "yes we can", "yes we will", and "yes we did." And we are proud about it. Thanks to James Brown, a new song was born with elements of the recipe for success saying, "Say it loud, we're Black and we're proud."

Another song speaks of a prediction of our demise that did not happen. It rings loud and says, "I should have been dead and in my grave." Someone else said it another way. "The rumors of my death are premature." A million times we have risen from sure death as a people to the heights as we rejoice to the words, "He Lives" and because he lives we live, and we can face tomorrow, whether it is in Haiti's rubble, Darfur's ongoing slavery, the slaughters in America's Birmingham, or Mississippi, or Africa's Rwanda or Nigeria. We still rise in spite of the rough storms. And we should be thankful on Easter which symbolizes the sacrifice of Jesus.

It is fitting that the story of Easter comes in the spring after the rainy season because if you watch nature you will see the seemingly dead flowers that hibernated in winter rise from the soil as Jesus rose from the grave. You can watch the trees sprout new life as surely as the birds and animals give birth to new offspring. As for that beautiful brown skin Haitian girl and the little chocolate boy, soon they will make their own music that produces a new voice that they can nurture together.

It's time to rise from whatever grave holds you down and enjoy your life and celebrate Easter.


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