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Vote in Your Own Self Interest

TheBlack news from Pasadena - Editorial - strength in numbers...vote in your own self interest...re is a Christmas song that says, "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas." Well it's beginning to feel a lot like election time as we draw nearer to November 6, 2012 to determine whether the money of racist billionaires can outdo the will of the people to re-elect Barack Obama for a second term.

I've seen a lot of elections in my years on this earth, but I can't remember when racism and sexism played such a great part. Every time I hear a Republican talk about returning to better times, I wonder what times are they talking about? Are they talking about a time when a Black person could only dream of being elected President of the United States? Is that why they call it the American Dream?

The other point that is interesting is the large number of persons who are willing to vote against their own self interests. Why? There are women who are willing to vote for a man who is promising to close the door to affordable health care for women, such as Planned Parenthood, and prescribe to a theory that women should work, even if they are not guaranteed wages equal to men for the same work as spelled out in the Lilly Ledbetter Act. This was the first bill that President Obama signed once he was elected to the office of President.



Just Get Out of the Way

African American news from Pasadena - Editorial - American-style TalibanIn Karachi, Pakistan, this week, a fourteen year old girl named Malala Yousafzai, was on a bus on her way home from school when a gunman of the Taliban party boarded the bus, asked for her and shot her in the head. Her crime was advocating for education for girls in Pakistan, in violation of Taliban rules against girls getting an education. Priority for educational opportunities only go to males.

In Austin, Texas, a white female named Abigail Fisher was denied admission to the University of Texas. She decided that too many blacks were admitted in front of her and she should be admitted instead of the blacks. She sued for discrimination and last week her case was heard by the United States Supreme Court. The question basically was, and remains, should America still seek diversity and/or Affirmative Action to provide opportunities for admission to professional schools or simply maintain the status quo and keep professional schools mostly white?



The Many Issues of Concern

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - on many issues of concern nationally, statewide, and locally you can do something aboutThere is so much going on that I am remembering the song, "What's Going On." On the national level, the re-election of Barack Obama as President of the United States, is the primary issue facing America. It's hard to believe that there are enough American people that hate having a Black man as president so much that they would subject America to a Mitt Romney presidency. Just because someone is White doesn't mean he is automatically right. The contrary is true also. We really don't need a narcissistic man who believes that we should live so the rich can get richer and the poor get poorer.

Do we really need a president so out of touch with the needs of American people that he would announce that he will get rid of Big Bird and close down Sesame Street? Sesame Street is still the largest classroom in America. My kids "attended" Sesame Street. At the same time, Romney admits he will promote tax and social policies that protect the giants on Wall Street. Worst of all, he is a liar. If I have to explain that, then America is in real trouble.



Trouble Don't Last Always, Unless You Do Nothing!

African American news from Pasadena - Editorial - Republican Party voter scamThe world has been watching as America's Republican Party is working overtime to keep African Americans and others including the poor and disadvantaged from voting in the upcoming Presidential and Congressional elections. Then the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), Legal Defense Fund and other organizations with legal teams did something. They filed lawsuits based on evidence they discovered to stop the attack on citizens' right to vote.

Eventually, a few of the courts in states like Texas, Florida and Pennslyvania ruled that the voter restriction laws were unconstitutional and had to stop. And then, as if the hand of God laying back waiting for the right moment to step in, something amazing happened. On October 1, 2012 the Republicans fired the firm they had hired to register voters, by hook or by crook.



Escape to Your Independence

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - Modern Jim Crow examples - escape to independenceA few weeks ago my oldest granddaughter asked me for examples of modern silent forms of Jim Crow. I gave a few examples like the discrimination in employment that still happens quietly. I directed her to Isabel Wilkerson's book, "THE WARMTH OF OTHER SUNS", and Michele Norris' book, "THE GRACE OF SILENCE." These books are about the great migration that tell the story of how and why Black Americans left the south. These books tell us how Blacks headed for points west like California and New York to escape the blatant racism of the south.

What they discovered was arguably better, but, in fact, was just a new type of racism and Jim Crow. This new brand of racism had no sheets but covered itself in housing covenants that discriminated based on race, school segregation that saved the best schools for white kids, and Friday night lynching of Black men and rape of Black women for sport by hooded Klansmen.



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