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Obama, What Manner of Man?

Black news - Commentary on Obama - What Manner of ManNow that the midterm elections are over everybody is talking about what the Democrats did wrong or what the Republicans and the Tea Party did right. And more than anything people are talking about what President Obama did wrong. At tables around the country people are serving up big helpings of roasted Obama with a side of fried Pelosi. These same people just a few months ago were praising the genius of this President as the antidote for the poison George Bush dishes served by Republican chefs that almost killed us all.

The fact is that like any goal, whether it is a ball game with two halves, a long distance race, a long term marriage, or just a life lived, there will be moments of ups and downs. Black Christians have a song written by one Reverend Paul Jones entitled. "I Won't Complain." As Black folks in America especially those of us over the age of sixty we have watched and we have experienced a lot of pain heaped on us because of the color of our skin. Sometimes we handled it with marches, we handled it with prayer, or Voodoo, and sometimes we handled it with trying to get even. We even shouted as we watched the epic movie Roots and learned of the inhumane treatment of our ancestors in slavery. We shared a smile and a "you go girl" as we watched the slave character, played by Leslie Uggams, spit in the rude white woman's glass of water in a revengeful eye for an eye moment.

Some African Americans have even used the Muhammad Ali Rope a Dope tactic in order to survive. Far too many of us have internalized the frustration and taken it out on ourselves or our loved ones in abusive ways. But in the end we have survived and as angry as we may get at President Barack Obama for a particular moment we need to believe that his hand is in God's hand and we will get through moments of defeat. Remember in this election, this defeat was just at half-time but we ended up ahead in that those of us who elected the democrat for President still have the President and we hold the Senate. It's merely halftime. The score is one for them and two for us. It's not quitting time or giving up time. Stand with our President. Advise him. Give him constructive criticism, but don't make him the main course in a destructive meal that could lead us back to eating the poison from the Bushes.



Being Hustled By the State NAACP President

Black news from Pasadena - commentary Black Press, elections, and State's NAACP PresidentI was collecting my notes to write how the statewide candidates for political office ignored the Black community and was prepared to talk about how Jerry Brown wanted the Black vote but was taking us for granted because he didn't buy advertisements in any of the state's Black-owned newspapers.

There are no Black-owned television stations in California yet, so newspapers are the media of choice for those wishing to reach the Black community. Then I saw a few articles in a couple of papers about how Jerry Brown had visited Black Churches in Los Angeles and Compton. But I was still miffed about why the Black Press was being ignored by the politicians running for statewide office and those campaigning for the Propositions.

As the former President of the West Coast Black Publishers and a member of the California Black Media, I called Vernon Whitmore, the new president of West Coast Black Publishers, and Hardy Brown, president of California Black Media, to inquire and neither had gotten any advertisements either, but the information that they led to one woman named, Alice Huffman.



Tea Party = Return to Legal Racial Discrimination

Black news - Commentary from Joe Hopkins, Publisher on Tea Party and Return to Legal Racial DiscriminationThe more I hear about the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party, the more surprised I am that the same America that overcame the discrimination of the pre Civil Rights Movement and the same America that elected it's first Black President less than two years ago is planning a return to pre Martin Luther King days and maybe worse. What am I to believe when I see in America where the following incidents are happening here, in 2010, thanks to the Tea Party?

Rand Paul, the Tea Party candidate for the United States Senate, admits that he would not vote for the 1964 Civil Rights Bill. He would vote against it primarily because he believes that if a White businessman wants to keep Blacks from eating in or trading in their restaurants or stores they should be able to keep them out simply because they are Black. This is not new. Many Republicans voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Bill in 1964 along with Arizona Senator and Republican Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater. Needless to say southern Senators also voted against the bill. It was because of the passage of the Bill and the concurrent Southern strategy that President Lyndon Johnson did not return to run for President for a second term. The Southern strategy said all Whites should vote for the White leading candidate and let the Blacks vote for the Democrats.



The Other Side of the Eddie Long Story

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - other side of Eddie LongWhen the news hit that one man named Eddie Long had sexually abused some male members of the church that he pastors, the world sat up, listened, and talked about it. We talked about it because we all have notions about what pastor's do, or should do. What we do not talk about is did he do God's will for God's people before he fell back on the old human habit of doing his own will of the flesh?

Most of us fell into the trap of talking about Eddie Long without giving credit to the work that he and the members have done. It is my understanding that the New Birth Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia is home to schools, health clinics, a book store, and a number of businesses that employ the members of the church and serve the community. As we ponder the story of Eddie Long, we should not forget that it is important foremost to save the institution. Whether the man Eddie Long will be saved is between him and his God.



Gloria Allred Needs to Apologize

African American news from Pasadena - Editorial - Gloria Allred asked to apologizeOn December 1, 1955 Rosa Parks, a quiet seamstress in Montgomery, Alabama refused to give up her seat on a public bus to a White man who felt entitled because he was White and she was Black. Parks was arrested, taken to jail. Parks was tried, found guilty, and fined. When asked why she didn't get up and give the white man the seat she said, " It was a matter of dignity. I could not have faced myself and my people if I had moved."

Civil Rights Attorney Gloria Allred is the latest non-African American to invoke the name of Rosa Parks and, by implication, the Civil Rights movement for their own beneficial purposes. I am (and Black folks that I talk to are) sick and tired of being used and insulted by those who adapt and sometimes hi-jack the Civil Rights movement and its giants and martyrs to get what they want. Gays and lesbians say their movement is like ours; Latinos say the immigration movement is like ours. The gays and lesbians don't go to jail for just being who they are, and those who are in America illegally are simply given transportation back to their homeland. Neither group had to go to jail, or pay a fine, or go to trial for being who they are. While some illegal immigrants and gays and lesbians are tortured by those who don't like them, there is no government policy that says the authorities are legally empowered to punish them because they are who they are.



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