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Repeating History the Wrong Way

African American news from Pasadena - EditorialI have written many times about one of the first things that the old slaves did as soon as soon as they got the news that they were free. They went out and acquired any piece of land they could get. Sometimes they bought the land and sometimes they got it the best way they could because they realized even as slaves that land could be an asset if it was an income producing asset.



Leaders Don't Beg and Beggars Don't Lead

African American news from PasadenaIn the Black community we have a tradition of fighting for equity and fairness when it comes to rights and fair treatment in our community. We fight for fair treatment for our children in the schools. We fight for fair treatment by police departments.



“Black History Month Can Be a Month to Make History That Makes Sense”

African American news from Pasadena - Editorial - Black History monthWhen we think of Black History Month, we generally think of a month to review the achievements and contributions of Blacks from the past. It seems to me that it can be a time to make some history that makes sense. Lots of events make history, but often they don't make sense. Clarence Thomas made history by filling Thurgood Marshall's seat on the Supreme Court,



“It Takes A Pillage”

African American news from Pasadena - Editorial by Joe C. HopkinsThe writer Hans Christian Anderson wrote a story years ago entitled "The Emperor's New Clothes." The story, which has a number of versions, essentially says that there was once an emperor who was very fond of clothes. He went to his tailor and said that he needed a new outfit for an event the very next day. The tailor for some reason was afraid to tell the Emperor that he could not sew a new outfit in one day.



Haiti’s Story of Progress

African American news from Pasadena - EditorialIn 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue”... so starts the song learned by every school child in America. What the song does not tell us is that he dropped off 40 European settlers in Haiti. They all died in one year but not before they claimed Haiti as European territory. In 1697 the French were given control of Haiti which was the western part of the Island called Hispanola. Over the years Haiti became an immensely wealthy French Colony, making



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