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Do Something for Our Young, Don’t Let the Neighborhood Idiot Lead

Am I the only one who is sick of seeing young Black males with their thug culture on display, their pants hanging down, and their disrespectful vulgar language constantly being thrown around?

Isn't it time to stop being so tolerant and do something about it. Not me, YOU PARENTS AND CIVIC LEADERS WHOSE JOB DESCRIPTION REQUIRE YOU TO DO SOMETHING FOR THE YOUNG. They can't read, so they can't get a job. They hang out on the corners waiting for the cops to catch them doing something they can get arrested for, and the cops will oblige.

If the cops don't catch them doing something wrong, they sometimes may stop them and create a situation where they can arrest them anyway. But if they are respectful, even in the face of bad cops, they have a better chance of getting out of trouble.

I have a police report where the police actually wrote they wanted the jailer to "PUT THE YOUNG MAN 'ON ICE' UNTIL THEY COULD THINK OF SOMETHING TO ARREST HIM FOR." To that particular jailer's credit, he refused.



Obama Needs to Understand . . .

. . . That Americans Who Hate Him See Him as 'Just Another N---er

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - How those who hate Obama see himA white pastor of a church in Arizona has prayed for the death of President Obama. White Republicans say the President is not an American. Some white Republicans have vowed to stop anything that president puts forward. Some white folks say they will never allow their children to hear a speech by President Obama. Many whites say President Obama is not their President.

They carry guns to rallies where he goes to speak; they call him a Nazi, a Communist, and a Socialist. We all know what they really want to call him. Their actions speak volumes about their racist attitudes and their rejection of the fact that a Black man is President of the most powerful nation in the world.



My Summer Vacation

Last week, my wife and I boarded a plane to travel to Atlanta, Georgia - a place many call "America's Black Mecca." It has five Black colleges and universities, mostly associated with the legendary Atlanta University. The schools associated with Atlanta University include Clark Atlanta, Morehouse, Morris Brown, Spelman, and Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC). Atlanta is home to the Civil Rights movement and where Dr. Martin Luther King was chosen to lead the attack on discrimination and segregation in America, beginning with the Birmingham bus boycott.

I remember when my wife and I drove to Atlanta last year to see our grandchildren and our son Jamal and his wife, Makini, how surprised I was to discover how close Atlanta was to Birmingham. It's only about one and one half hours away. Birmingham was such a violent place for Blacks and Civil Rights workers that it was nicknamed "Bombingham" in the sixties. I guess you could say it was one and one half hours away from hell, if you were Black.



Moving Ahead with Black Agenda

In April, The Journal published what we called, "The State of Black Pasadena 2009". In the article we addressed Education, Economics, Safety and Security. The response has been an outpouring of quiet discussions and proposals to resolve some of the problems in order for Black Pasadena to move forward. In recent days, the changing landscape has caused increasing request for a community forum on the issues and plans are being made to move ahead.

A few things can be discussed here about the changing landscape. In the area of education, the anticipated departure of the president of Pasadena City College, Paulette Profumo, may open up an opportunity to have a Black president at the college which has abandoned the Black community. Also, more and more people are questioning what is happening at the PUSD. There seems to be a purging of Black administrators in favor of White and Armenian administrators from Glendale and Diaz's hometown of Gilroy, CA. Like the fruit of Gilroy - garlic. This whole thing is starting to stink. Black students plus non Black administrators is a recipe for Black student failure. Sound familiar? Kind of like the Boys and Girls Club on North Fair Oaks nearly getting shut down because, even though they serve mostly Black and Brown, the administrators are all White. Hopefully, the ongoing discrimination lawsuit against them will cause some changes.



Bad Times May Create Opportunities for New Businesses

In the midst of bad economic times there is the shifting economic picture and opportunities for new businesses open up. In the Pasadena area businesses are closing as they are across the country. This means that there are new opportunities opening up. You don’t buy stock when it is at its highest value. The rule of buy low and sell high is in play. A business owner who is looking to close a business is willing to deal. He/she may sell low to cut their losses and selling low creates an opportunity for someone looking to get into business.

Bad times create a good News Bad news situation. The good news is that the present owner or owners of a business are looking to get out and a new owner is looking to get in. One opens the door to allow another in. A restaurant owner looking to close a business because they don’t make as much as before may provides the perfect opportunity for a person whose job has played out and they have longed to get into the restaurant business with a new and different menu.



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