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Haiti’s Story of Progress

African American news from Pasadena - EditorialIn 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue”... so starts the song learned by every school child in America. What the song does not tell us is that he dropped off 40 European settlers in Haiti. They all died in one year but not before they claimed Haiti as European territory. In 1697 the French were given control of Haiti which was the western part of the Island called Hispanola. Over the years Haiti became an immensely wealthy French Colony, making



Who Will Finish the Unfinished Work?

African American news from Pasadena - EditorialAs we began the decade that started with 2000, there was talk about a new millennium and whether the clocks and computers could tell us the time. That became the smallest of our problems as America elected a President who left us in debt, at war, and so terrorized that it was an adventure to get on an airplane.



Building Homeboys, Big Brothers, Big Sisters & Eagles to Replace Gangsters

Two NBA players this past week were reported to have gotten into an argument and pulled guns on each other in their locker room. Filled with gangster inspired tattoos, attitudes and dress styles, these overgrown children still serve as role models for our children. How sad. If we haven’t gotten the message yet, these are bad role models, just like Tiger Woods and



2010 A Year to Celebrate Progress and Mourn the Lack

As we look toward 2010, we should look back at 2009. And as we look back, we have much to celebrate, but don’t get too excited because there was much to mourn, both as a community and as individuals. 



Pray for a Great Christmas Present: Equality of Opportunity

One of the first prayers that I learned as a child ended with the statement, "If I should die  before I wake, God bless mother, father, my brother, my sisters", and whoever else I loved. Today we need to pray for equality, as a unique Christmas present.



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