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Why We Can't Wait

Lessons from Emmit Till's Murder Apply to Today's Resistance to Obama's Health Care Reform

In January 1963, when eight White ministers published an open letter calling Dr. King to abandon his demonstrations to gain civil rights, the ministers foretold of civil disturbances if he didn't stop. They wanted him to allow more time for the courts to solve the problems of segregation and inequality. The ministers called the demonstrations unwise and untimely. In a famous letter to the clergy, King takes various elements of the ministers' arguments apart, with well thought out biblical history, intertwined with the social inequities of the day.



D.O.A. Dead on Arrival

As we watch the children return to school I can't help but wonder how many of the children who arrive there are D.O.A. - Dead On Arrival. There are three elements that play a part in having a positive educational experience and any one doing their job or not doing their job can cause failure of the student and can leave the student D.O.A.

The first is what is happening at home. Has there been a positive spin on the value of education to work hard and do well in school to achieve to do or be anything they want to? Be their cheerleader. Parents, in addition to being a cheerleader, you must also be prepared to be an advocate, for your child. You advocate by joining the P.T.A. and volunteering at your child's school, if you don't want your child to be D.O.A.



Write a Letter

When I was young my mother would read and recite Black poetry to me and my siblings. She served as a role model to the four of us children in many ways. Her work, her interaction with the schools we went to and the church. All these things had problems, work, school and church, but all had their positive aspects. That, after all, is what learning is about. You observe a problem and you watch to see what others have done to solve it. Watching is your research, your action to solve the same problems amounts to following the pattern of living.

My father was less verbal than my mother, but I learned how to be a man and take care of my family by watching him and my uncles interact with their families. When he did talk it was usually about how he was being treated in a society that refused to honor Black men. The main lesson from the men in my life was that the needs of the family were first second and foremost. You take care of your family and they will take care of you, the family name, your grandchildren, and your legacy.



Do Something for Our Young, Don’t Let the Neighborhood Idiot Lead

Am I the only one who is sick of seeing young Black males with their thug culture on display, their pants hanging down, and their disrespectful vulgar language constantly being thrown around?

Isn't it time to stop being so tolerant and do something about it. Not me, YOU PARENTS AND CIVIC LEADERS WHOSE JOB DESCRIPTION REQUIRE YOU TO DO SOMETHING FOR THE YOUNG. They can't read, so they can't get a job. They hang out on the corners waiting for the cops to catch them doing something they can get arrested for, and the cops will oblige.

If the cops don't catch them doing something wrong, they sometimes may stop them and create a situation where they can arrest them anyway. But if they are respectful, even in the face of bad cops, they have a better chance of getting out of trouble.

I have a police report where the police actually wrote they wanted the jailer to "PUT THE YOUNG MAN 'ON ICE' UNTIL THEY COULD THINK OF SOMETHING TO ARREST HIM FOR." To that particular jailer's credit, he refused.



Obama Needs to Understand . . .

. . . That Americans Who Hate Him See Him as 'Just Another N---er

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - How those who hate Obama see himA white pastor of a church in Arizona has prayed for the death of President Obama. White Republicans say the President is not an American. Some white Republicans have vowed to stop anything that president puts forward. Some white folks say they will never allow their children to hear a speech by President Obama. Many whites say President Obama is not their President.

They carry guns to rallies where he goes to speak; they call him a Nazi, a Communist, and a Socialist. We all know what they really want to call him. Their actions speak volumes about their racist attitudes and their rejection of the fact that a Black man is President of the most powerful nation in the world.



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