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Republicans Working to Defeat Universal Health Care for Americans

The Conservative Republicans never cease to amaze me in their ways to maintain the status quo, with them on top of the economic ladder, and the rest of us on the bottom.

The latest tricks being used to stop Democratic Party efforts to get a Universal Health Care Program are unbelievable. And some of the advertisements being paid for by the health care insurance and private hospital industries are unbelievable. But when you stop to think about these are the same industries that stand to gain, it is easier to understand.



Crowns Brings Memories of Home

The play Crowns, now playing at the Pasadena Playhouse, brought back memories of growing up in a Black Holiness church in hot Bakersfield, California. My wife, my sister and I went to the play on Saturday afternoon, and all through the performance I couldn't help but remember my mother and the other women in their hats. Growing up in the Church of God In Christ and dressing up for church on Sunday was a way of life. It was summed up by a line in the play that said on Sunday they were going to church to see the King and they had to dress appropriately.



Barack Obama’s Loyal Enemies are Our Enemies

And they are on Their Job

"Conservatives are working hard to try to get Obama out of office.
I think that this President has our backs. We need to let the conservative politicians know that we have his."

I watched as NBC Commentator Pat Buchannan went into a rant about Judge Sotomayor not being qualified for the Supreme Court because she was a product of Affirmative Action. He went on to say that white men had done everything significant in America. He said they had fought the Revolutionary war, wrote the Declaration of Independence, wrote the Constitution, and done everything else of significance, therefore, it was OK that historically it was right that almost all of the Judges on the Supreme Court in the past had been white men, and it was Ok that the Senate is filled with white men.



Obama in Africa, Looks Like America

When President Barack Obama made his speech on Saturday in Ghana, West Africa I was first reminded of my trip to West Africa in 1993. And then as he began to speak saying things like "Freedom is the inheritance of Africans" and "Africa's Future is up to Africans", it all started to sound like the same tough love messages that needs to be modified for and given to African Americans.



Barack Obama and Health Care

When my third granddaughter was born, her parents were living in Manchester, England where my son was going working on his Doctorate. When we got the word that they were going to have a baby, we just knew that they would need money. With checkbook poised to assist, we asked how much they needed. The answer was that there was no cost because in England Health care was free.



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