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We Need to Invest More in Our Children to Reap the Reward

African American news from Pasadena - Editorial - Public Education discrimination, Dr. Dre's donation, and President Obama...The news made a big deal out of the fact that one Dr. Dre who made millions as a rapper gave 70 million dollars to the University of Southern California to create a school dedicated to Hip Hop. All I could think of was that's just what we need, another class of rappers.

I thought of the 70,000 kids that will be kicked out of Head-Start as a result of the current Federal budget crisis. With all of that, we need another group of rappers to rap to kids who can't read, write and reason. I thought of the preachers who take our money on Sunday morning and use it for their personal wealth rather than for the good of the community. I thought of the Charter School movement that takes our tax dollars to create a few schools for a few kids while the masses are forced to go to non-productive schools. It's as if you have 10 children and you decide to invest in two, and the rest are on their own. Don't we owe it to all of the kids to treat them equally? That's what the Taliban does, educate the boys and shoot the girls who have the audacity to want to go to school and get an education. The worst part is that the statistics are showing that Charter Schools are not producing a bumper crop of geniuses either. Why not improve the whole school system?



In the Land of the Blind the One Eyed is King

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - Here's what we know about today's Republican Party...A young Black man came to my office to seek support of The Journal for a position he was seeking. When the subject of his being a Republican came up, he volunteered that his father had introduced him to a lot of Republicans and they were nice to him. My response at the time was that he should look at the evidence to see who is a Republican and who is a Democrat. There are at least 40 Black Democrats in Congress and no Black elected Republican Congressmen or Senators.

If Black Politicians are to maximize their power, they will do it as a group. What if Dr. King had decided that he would work alone? We who are Black and proud would still be seeking the right to eat at a lunch counter, unmolested. We would not have Civil Rights Laws outlawing discrimination in employment opportunities.



Make Mama Proud!

African American news from Pasadena - Editorial - Making Mama Proud - honoring motherAs another Mother's Day rolls around, for me, it's different. My mother is gone. I have the mother of my children and the mothers of my grandchildren, and I can say, without hesitation, they are all great and wonderful women. Each is different in motherhood, and while they don't hold my heart as my mother did, they hold the hearts of the greatest prizes my wife and I ever contributed to anyone - our three sons. In turn, they gave us seven grandchildren. Fair trade is acceptable.



Legacy Plan & Pride

Leave A Future For Your Children!

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - building a legacy for your childrenOver the years we have travelled home to Bakersfield for Easter, but the traditions changed. When the kids were young, we took colored eggs and hid them to watch the little ones find them. Now the kids have grown up and some of them have grown kids. The grown grand kids are painting, dyeing, and hiding eggs for the younger grand – whenever they come. Often times, now, they go elsewhere.

One of the things I noticed there, in my childhood hometown, was that the town has changed, but in so many ways, it is still the same. I see Real Estate offices with company names that indicate they were there when I was a kid. I notice automobile dealers that were there when I grew up there. I'm sure that these businesses have been handed down from generation to generation.



Boston 1974 to 2013, What a Difference a Day Makes

African American news from Pasadena - Editorial - 1970s Boston and 2013 Boston - Racial equality and attitudesWhen I watched the tall, handsome African American man speaking to a massive crowd at the Boston Cathedral in their time of trouble, I was proud because I remember a different Boston in the 1970's. The tall, handsome man with his tall, beautiful wife, named Michelle, was there to console the Bostonians who had been bombed at the end of one of their traditions, the Boston Marathon. The tall, handsome man was the President of the United States - Barack Obama. He had been introduced to the crowd by the Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, another African American who has served as Governor since 2007.

The Boston I remembered goes back to 1974 when a ruling by Federal Judge, Arthur Garrity, ordered the integration of Boston School district busing. The order led to open expressions of hatred and violence towards Blacks and race rioting reminiscent of the rioting across America in their resistance to granting African Americans equality.



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