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Seeds From The Sower

Alexander the Great led his army across scorching sand for days. Their throats were parched and their bodies were burning up.

One day his advance guard returned and brought him a quart of water. His men watched with envy as he accepted it. But he poured it on the sand, saying, "It is not right for one to drink when so many are thirsty."

He did not have enough water to give each man a sip, but he did have enough heart to give them the inspiration to succeed.

They found water later. But on that day, they saw a leader who loved them. No one can lead who does not love. And no leader has ever loved his followers as much as Jesus.

He loved us so much that He gave Himself for us.

It is not always easy to follow Jesus, but we have the assurance that wherever we are, He is with us and that whatever we are going through, He has been there before us.


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