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Is Fighting For Rights of Gay Marriage a Battle Black Ministers Need to Engage in Right Now?

Hello. This is Dr. Rosie, "AND I AM JUST SAYING" Listen Up! Black ministers/pastors, need to focus their attention on the economic divide between blacks and other races. This issue is causing more harm to blacks than who blacks are sleeping with and who they are marrying. We need to fight our own battles versus always joining in with somebody else's struggle. (What is the number of black men who are fighting to get married?) Forget about Gays getting married and try to figure out how black ministers can keep their own marriage together - many of them are divorced and for many who are not divorced, their wives are suffering from abuse and neglect from them and are afraid to get out because they are not in a financial position.

Black ministers need to take their attention away from gays getting married and focus on trying to get more black men and women in their congregation "out of the financial ditch" and then to get married.

Ministers need to focus on being a good role model for marriage that would motivate others to "Say I Do."

My final words are: Blacks are not an economic underclass because of who they are sleeping with or who they are marrying, but because of their economic conditions. Blacks drop out of college for lack of finance - some cannot keep up because they cannot purchase their books earlier enough, and fall behind in their grades. Drug use and drug selling is motivated by poverty, Black women are straying from their moral values and biblical teachings and are shacking up with a man who refuses to marry her, and this is motivated by poverty, and Black men fear marriage because they fear the financial responsibility. A man does not feel as bad getting evicted being a boy-friend as he would being a husband.

I have much more to say, however, I will save it for later. Somebody better hear me, up in here!



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