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Breast Cancer Awareness is Love

Black news from Pasadena - Religion - Love not a calendar eventShowing love is a 12-month a year special occasion. We have February for Valentine's Day, May for Mother's Day, October for Breast Cancer Awareness and even December is set aside for showing love and kindness. Although society has designated certain months each year to demonstrate your love for your spouse, love and caring is not a calendar event. Love is more than the gift of flowers and candy, perfume and jewelry or even hugs and kisses. Love is best expressed by caring and relentlessly looking out for your spouse's best interest including health.

Most wives and husbands would appreciate a massage occasionally that is not a prelude to sex. A massage just to give comfort and relaxation to the other without you being rewarded with sensual intimacy as the predictable happy ending. For the sake of caring, husbands and wives should massage each other at least once a month and while doing so carefully be aware of any new or different moles, bumps, knots or boils on the body.

Even certain types of animals take time to groom and care for their mates. They pick off insects from the fur and they even scratch each other's itches. Unfortunately many human couples don't touch in intimate settings unless it's a prelude to lovemaking. Your spouse can't see or detect abnormalities in areas of their body that is not easily visible to them.

Have you ever witnessed one spouse criticizing or ridiculing the other for being overweight or too skinny? These are the things that must stop. Although many people think that they can shame a person into doing better the fact is shame only brings resentment into the relationship. Instead of trying to make the other feel bad, try shopping for more healthy food products and even taking walks together. Don't encourage surgical procedures or pills and injections when patience and team work will do.

It would be well for all couple to remember their marital vows: to love and the cherish until death does us part, because love is not a calendar event.

Oxy and Keke

black news from Pasadena - Religion - Oxy and Keke - love is not a calendar event

 [Richard O. Jones is a poet, clean comedian, author of nine books and creator of Ox and Donkey Relationships Cards for couples in crisis (website: www.oxanddonkeyrelationcards.com).  To contact Richard O. Jones, email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .]



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